Kundali Dosha Nivaran

A kundali is a horoscope, which is prepared after studying the details of your birth time and place. It is an ancient science that helps us in understanding our fate and helping us take the right decisions to live a better life.

This is based on Vedic Astrology and mainly deals with the positions of planets and sun, moon etc., at the time of birth. This service can be used to rectify any problem caused due to the presence of bad planets in your horoscope or if there is any imbalance in your birth chart.

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Best Kundali Dosha Nivaran service in Gujarat

Our Kundali Dosha Nivaran service will help you to know about any negative influence that may occur in your life due to planetary positions. If you are worried about some bad influence on your life, job or business, then our Kundali Dosha Nivaran service can be very helpful. We will provide you detailed information regarding the planetary position and solution for it using Vedic astrology.

Our team of expert astrologers will provide you with accurate predictions about your health, wealth, career, marriage and family life based on Vedic astrology principles and ancient Indian scriptures.

Our top expert astrologer Pandit Ketan Joshi has helped many people across Gujarat and also other parts of the globe who were facing problems in their lives due to their horoscopes, by providing them with accurate predictions and astute solutions through vedic astrology and his 20 years of experience.

The main objective of this service is to change the negative effects of planets and stars over your life and make it more fruitful and prosperous. It will help you in balancing the positive and negative energies in your horoscope so that you can overcome all obstacles in your way to success.

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How Does It Work?

The first step in any astrological practice is to know your exact time of birth. This is called Jati Kaal or Janam Kaal. All other calculations are based on this information. After that, we calculate the positive and negative effects of various planets on their lives using advanced techniques like Vedic Astrology and Jyotish.

Based on this calculation, we suggest some remedies which can be followed by an individual to balance his/her energies with positive ones so that he/she can lead a peaceful life without any hurdles or challenges in front of him/her.

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